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  • All essential topics of consumer lending risk management.

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Course Content Praised by Professionals at


    1. Intro & Slides

    2. [Optional] Consumer lending products

    3. Consumer lending profit model

    4. Profit model example: US credit card

    5. Importance of Risk Management

    6. Portfolio risk appetite

    7. Portfolio risk appetite example

    8. Key components of portfolio risk management

    9. Credit life cycle

    1. Intro & Slides

    2. Credit marketing

    3. Credit marketing channels

    4. Credit marketing campaigns

    5. Origination campaigns

    6. Account management campaigns

    7. Campaign management process flow

    8. Leads management system

    1. Intro & Slides

    2. Origination process

    3. Credit bureau process

    4. Main components of an origination strategy

    5. Credit policy

    6. Decision strategy

    7. Limit assignment

    8. Ability to pay - part 1

    9. Ability to pay - part 2

    10. Adverse action letter

    1. Intro & Slides

    2. Fraud alert

    3. Application fraud score

    4. Digital fraud mitigation tool

    5. Out-of-wallet questions

    6. Internal fraud database

    7. Fraud strategy management

    8. Conclusion

    1. Intro & Slides

    2. Origination volume reports

    3. Origination credit quality reports

    4. Approval rate reports

    5. Branch/store reports

    6. Origination vintage

    7. Delinquency rate vintage curve

    8. Loss rate vintage curve

    9. Balance pay down curve

    10. Recap

    1. Intro & Slides

    2. Collections overview

    3. Delinquency stages

    4. Collections operations

    5. Example of collections actions

    6. Collections strategy decision elements

    7. Example of collection strategy

    8. Performance measurement

    9. Outsourcing and sales

    10. Non-delinquency collections

    11. Recap

About this course

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Course Content Praised by Professionals at

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